What we Exchibit

  • Vermiculture 

  • Hydrophonics

  • Aquaphonics

  • Soil Testing

  • Bio-gas

  • Solid Rain

  • Organic Farming

  • Azolla (Bio-fertilizer)

  • Irrigation Systems

  • Plant Management

  • Rabbit Culture

  • Country Chicken Farming

  • Hatching System

  • Apiculture (Honey bee)

What We Offer

  • Provides a stimulating and versatile outdoor classroom

  • Teaches children in a direct, hands-on way about many important topics including nutrition, food production, sustainability and conservation

  • Creates interest and motivation that can be carried back to classroom activities

  • Has many links to the curriculum

  • Allows for physical exercise

  • Provides teachers with an opportunity for professional development in gaining farming and countryside knowledge, and experience of outdoor education

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